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Against Animal Testing

Against Animal Testing

As others in our industry have followed our lead Against Animal Testing in the beauty industry, we continue to advocate for global change whilst ensuring that we meet our own high standards.
All The Body Shop products and ingredients undergo extensive testing to ensure that they are safe and effective, while also remaining cruelty-free.

Our belief that animal testing is not necessary to prove the safety of cosmetic ingredients or product formulations has been at the heart of The Body Shop for 40 years. We were once a lone corporate voice on this issue. Thankfully, our voice was listened to.

Today, new technology and legislation has permanently transformed the cosmetics industry. For example, 2013 EU regulation that our campaigns helped bring about means the sale and import of animal tested cosmetic products and ingredients is banned for any company trading in Europe. We are proud that cruelty-free cosmetics are now the norm in much of the world.

We use three main assessment methods involving computer data, laboratory-created tissues and people:

  • In-silica (computer-based) analysis uses readily available, existing data which will help us to assess the suitability  of similar materials through a process of  extrapolation of this information 
  • Laboratory-produced EpiSkin, grown from human skin cells, allows us to conduct safety checks on cells that react in virtually the same way as human skin without harming any people or animals
  • Finally to ensure good tolerance on people we will often test our products using patch testing, which involves placing a very small amount of product on a person's skin to ensure that it is safe and effective, usually at the final stage of testing a new formulation. We will also carry out controlled user trials where people test our products for both skin compatibility and cosmetic effectiveness, under the supervision of medical experts when required