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About Us

Glossary of Terms

Article NumberPrimary code for the product and used at POS
ASNAdvance Shipping Notice
Booking Reference Number
Body Shop International
BSI Stock CodeCode used within the UK RDC Warehouse Management System
CPACritical Path Analysis
ETIEthical Trade Initiative
FDAU.S. Food and Drug Administration
FSCForest Stewardship Council
GMPGood Manufacturing Process
GTINPrimary code for the product and used at POS
LCLLess Container Load
LOILetter of Intent
LTLLess Than Truckload
M1One of the language variants used for labelling
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
MasterShipping Package
OTCOver The Counter
POPurchase Order
SSQSupplier Screening Questionnaire
Unit PackSmallest pack size delivered to a store
TBSIThe Body Shop Ltd