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Becoming a Supplier

Supplier Assessments

Supplier Assessments

During the Supplier Approval process, The Body Shop will perform a range of assessments as detailed below. The appropriateness of each assessment will be at the discretion of The Body Shop.

Quality Assessment

The supplier will allow The Body Shop Quality  auditors unrestricted access, at agreed times, to all facilities to carry out inspections of products, management systems, policies and procedures and equipment that The Body Shop considers necessary. 

Formulated product suppliers (Cosmetics and home fragrance) require a quality audit before business can be awarded. Cosmetic suppliers will be audited against ISO22716 and TBSI Quality Charter. Home fragrance suppliers will be audited against ISO9000 and TBS requirements. For all other suppliers an audit may be required but this will be decided before business award.

Manufacturing Assessment

Simultaneous to the Quality Assessment, a representative of The Body Shop Sourcing Department will complete a Manufacturing Assessment. These assessments may or may not take place during the same site visit based on the availability of resources. The purpose of the manufacturing assessment is to:

  • Identify the supplier's manufacturing capabilities and capacities
  • Assess compatibility with The Body Shop's product needs and volume requirements
  • Discuss The Body Shop's specific formulation requirements with Research & Development and Manufacturing representatives of the supplier

Materials Management Assessment

Simultaneously to the Quality and Manufacturing Assessments, a Materials Management Assessment may be scheduled. A representative of The Body Shop's Supply Chain Group will complete the Materials Management Assessment. These assessments may or may not take place during the same site visit based on the availability of resources. The purpose of the materials management assessment is to:

  • Evaluate supplier's MRP system and any other methods used for materials planning and purchasing
  • Review order processing procedures and information exchange requirements
  • Review product planning and scheduling methods
  • View physical inventory movement and tracking process including receipt of raw materials and components, storage, production, and shipment of finished goods

Ethical Audit

You will be required to commission an ethical audit at your manufacturing facility. This will be conducted by a third party.  During the visit, the auditors will interview management and workers, review documentation and tour your site.  Please note that the whole process may take more than one day and this will be confirmed at the time of booking.

For our smaller suppliers who fall within the criteria for audit a risk assessment site visit will be carried out by The Body Shop Ethical Trade staff.  For those who are not within the audit criteria, the Sedex self-assessment questionnaire must be kept up-to-date and our Code of Conduct signed every three years.  Your buyer will advise whether an audit is required.  

We are aware that many suppliers may have already been through this process for other customers and we do not want to add any unnecessary duplication.  We therefore accept existing audits carried out using the following methodologies: BSCI, SMETA, WCA, or SA8000. 

If you have had a previous visit, we will require access to the report and corrective action plan, either through Sedex or emailed to us.  Those reports must be from a visit within the previous 12 months and, depending on the results of the visit, there may be no need to commission an additional audit for us.

Validity of L'Oréal audits:

Since the separation of The Body Shop from L'Oréal in September 2017, for legal reasons, we can no longer accept any new L'Oréal audits that have taken place since this time nor receive copies of L'Oréal audits that were not in our possession before that date. Any audits due to renew after September 2017 will need to be carried out as per this policy.

Financial Review

A Financial Review will be conducted by The Body Shop to assess a potential supplier's financial stability, business viability and ability to expand with The Body Shop. A Tax ID Number or Dun & Bradstreet Number will be requested in addition to three bank and credit references. If any problems are noted during the Financial Review, the supplier's financial representative will be contacted for further discussion or explanation.

Trade References

The Body Shop may request references from each potential supplier in order to verify that the supplier's historical performance matches with The Body Shop's expectations. Three client references and three raw material or component supplier references will be requested. These references will be contacted via telephone for a brief and confidential phone interview.