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Purchasing & Shipping

GRIN Process Goods Receipt Improvement Notice

A few examples of when the GRIN procedure would be used;

  • Non BSI specification Pallets used for delivery (broken, wrong size, euro style.)
  • Pallet Cube Issues (too few layers or too many layers to meet supplier handbook requirements) be careful of MARKET SPECIFIC STOCK.
  • Pallet Cube Issues (when the product exceeds the parameters of the pallet of alternatively does use the full foot-print of the pallet).
  • Unstable Pallets (Poor layer build, poor wrapping) 

We operate a zero tolerance policy, so if a delivery arrives with a broken pallet a GRIN sheet will be completed. 

The process is detailed below;

  1. No receipting or sampling will take place.
  2. Goods in Supervisor to be made aware.
  3. Goods in Supervisor to raise G.R.I.N form - Giving full details of delivery and the corrective Rework actions needed in order for the delivery to meet BSI requirements. 
  4. Goods in Supervisor will e-mail the GRIN form to Goods in Administration who will forward to SCP.
  5. RDC expectations are that SCP will forward the GRIN issues to the Supplier.
  6. Goods in Supervisor to liaise with Rework Dept to carry out actions detailed on G.R.I.N
  7. Once the Rework is complete all Goods can be Sampled and Receipted.


  • £160.00 Admin charge per IDN.
  • £50.00 Per hour of corrective action required,
  • £3.50 Per pallet for Non BSI specification Pallets.