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Purchasing & Shipping

Purchase Order Issued

The Body Shop sends the PO in the form of a purchase order schedule via email or fax. A scanned copy of the order is only sent by exception if pre-arranged. In all cases, the supplier should respond promptly to the PO schedule preferably within 2 days of receipt of the purchase.

This will either provide acceptance of the PO or provide details of what elements of the PO can be fulfilled and when.

New supplier orders are also confirmed in the orderbook and feedback can be provided on these as a part of the orderbook review process. 

For all purchases, The Body Shop's terms and conditions will apply; these are attached to each order schedule. For the latest version of the Terms and Conditions, please contact the appropriate Body shop Sourcing Department.

Purchase Order Details​

The Body Shop places purchase orders with the following format:

Purchase Order HeaderDetail
Purchase Order Number10 digit number
Purchase Order DateDate
BuyerName of Buyer
Shipment TermsWill show "Shipment Terms"
Ship Via
Transportation Method
Shows line number
These fields are combined
Total Number of Singles OrderedShows the number of singles ordered per line
Number of Singles per Unit PackShows the number of singles per unit pack
Total of Unit Packs Ordered
Cost per Unit Pack
Ext Cost
Factory Ship Date
Shows total of until packs ordered
Shows cost per unit pack
Shows cost per line with total value underneath
Shows "stock available" from date i.e. the availability date to be shown on ASN
Delivery DateShows the delivery date required to the Delivery Address

Field for any special requirements

RP Orderbook and Notionals

Every fortnight, a new copy of your orderbook will be sent, with any new orders highlighted. Once a month we will also send an indication of our notional demand for the next 9 months. 

Cancellation Policy

The Body Shop may elect to cancel any PO that is not received in full by the stated delivery date, as denoted on the PO. All cancellation charges including raw materials, labour, freight and overheads will be at the supplier's expense. No exceptions can be made unless The Body Shop and the supplier have accepted the charges in writing.