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Purchasing & Shipping

Shipping Lead Times

The Body Shop have a number of key logistics partners supporting agreed transit times from the point that the goods are ready for collection to the final delivery point.

Every PO will have two key transport dates:

  • The Factory Ship Date
  • The DC Delivery Date

The key date for our suppliers is the Factory Ship Date. It is very important that this date is respected as any failure to meet this date will be recorded as a late delivery.

Our service providers are responsible for ensuring that the DC Delivery Date is respected. This date is reflected in the booking date and time that you will see when the ASN is returned to you.

Assuming that documents are in order and customs formalities have been completed, the risk for the shipment will transfer from you the Supplier, to our appointed logistic service provider at the point that the goods are transferred according to the incoterm agreed in the contract.

If there are any queries regarding these lead times please contact your Buyer.