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Purchasing & Shipping

Airfreight Policy

In order to control transportation costs, The Body Shop has developed an authorisation process that will assist in minimising the use of airfreight. It will also clearly identify the party (supplier or The Body Shop) who is liable for the airfreight charges.

The authorisation process requires the The Body Shop buyer to obtain approval prior to the Transportation team instructing the appointed service provider to collect the goods.

If shipments are sent using airfreight, without the correct prior authorisation from The Body Shop, then The Body Shop will not be liable for airfreight charges incurred.

Please note - All Air shipments paid by the supplier must be shipped on DAP delivered DC terms. It is very important that all costs are paid to final destination (incoterms 2010 apply).

Please note - In the above case all airway bills must show:

CEVA Freight UK Ltd
4th Floor
Trewlawney House
The Dock
IP11 4GA

Tel: +44 (0)1394 606134

The ASN procedures described in the Advance Shipping Notice section apply for all airfreight shipments.