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Purchasing & Shipping

Making Your Delivery

Preparation for Delivery

Once you have your transport booked, you have submitted your ASN and loaded your vehicle in preparation of your delivery, it is essential that on receiving your IDN (Inbound Delivery Number) you ensure whoever is making your delivery has this available on arrival to The Body Shop (this is a 9 digit number beginning with 180……).

Please note - Your IDN number is a unique reference number to your delivery which will allow you through security and onto The Body Shop premises to make your delivery at your allocated time date and time slot. It is essential that this number is passed to the driver who is making your delivery on your behalf as he will be asked to quote on arrival.

Failing to have your IDN at the point of arrival may lead to time delays and the ability to unload you at your pre agreed time slot in the Goods In diary. It may even lead to your vehicle being refused entry into The Body Shop for security reasons.

On Arrival to the Body Shop Site

arrival map.jpg 

  1. On arrival at The Body Shop, the driver MUST notify us of their arrival via the intercom system positioned by the first barrier
  2. The driver MUST quote the unique 9 digit delivery reference number issued to the company / themselves (The Inbound Delivery Number beginning with 180……..)
  3. If the driver is unable to provide a reference, he will be told to park up in the lorry park and contact his office to obtain this. The driver will NOT be granted access to a bay without this this informationUNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE DRIVERS TO TAIL GATE TO ENTER THE PREMISES THROUGH THE MAIN SECURITY BARRIER
  4. There is a driver's room outside of our main security barrier which your driver can use and familiarise themselves with our onsite signage and regulations
  5. On receipt of the reference, we will then advise the driver which bay is available, and direct them accordingly to park up safely
  6. Once positioned on a bay drivers MUST report to the drivers room (follow signage or ask The Body Shop staff for directions) and hand in their keys
  7. The driver will have the option of either staying in their vehicle, going to the driver's room, which is positioned on the ground floor of the main warehouse (close to the bays) or visit the onsite smoking hut (both drivers room and smoking area have refreshments available)
  8. Drivers MUST NOT wander around the yard and MUST stay on designated walkways for their own safety
  9. If they do not comply, they WILL be escorted back to their vehicle and their company informed of this serious breach of our Health and Safety regulations
  10. Once the vehicle has been processed, the driver will be given the necessary documentation, handed his keys and directed to leave the site via the main security barrier
  11. The Body Shop has a NO SMOKING on site policy apart from designated areas. These are positioned within our yard area for drivers to visit if required

 Staff/Driver Safety on the Body Shop Site      

  • High visibility vest / jackets MUST be worn at all times on site as instructed on our signage
  • All visitors to The Body Shop MUST adhere to the site rules at ALL times
  • All visitors / drivers MUST familiarise themselves with the site signage
  • Failing to adhere to site safety rules WILL lead to individuals being challenged
  • Failing to co-operate WILL lead to the driver being asked to leave the site and deliveries or collections being delayed
  • Aggressive behaviour WILL NOT be tolerated and drivers WILL be asked to leave / escorted off the premises
  • Drivers MUST stay in their cabs when instructed
  • Drivers will be asked to hand over their keys prior to loading / unloading
  • Wheel chocks WILL be placed under the wheels of vehicles by The Body Shop personnel
  • Whilst your vehicle is being loaded / unloaded you MUST stay in your vehicle / designated drivers room at ALL times unless instructed by a member of The Body Shop personnel to enable The Body Shop safe systems of work to be adhered to


IMPORTANT NOTICE – The Body Shop has three working buildings onsite, Fork lift trucks and couriers operate within the site. ALL drivers MUST pay attention and be respectful of smaller vehicles operating at ALL times and must NOT exceed the 10mph speed limit