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Purchasing & Shipping

Fumigation & Moisture Protection

For all imported shipments into the UK and USA, The Body Shop has formulated the following policy for fumigation and moisture protection:

  • The Body Shop purchases on terms that require the supplier to protect the goods against infestation and moisture damage while in transit to The Body Shop 
  • It will be the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that any goods susceptible to insect infestation, whether in the country of manufacture or while in transit to the Body shop RDC, are fumigated prior to dispatch. Fumigation Certificates must be forwarded to The Body Shop along with the shipping documents
  • The responsibility for ensuring that goods are protected against moisture damage and other related issues (e.g. mould), while in transit to the final The Body Shop warehouse, remains with the supplier

The Body Shop Transportation Department is able to offer the following guidelines on desiccant products for transportation purposes:

  1. Indigenous fibres, which readily absorb and retain moisture, should be avoided where possible. Any and all risks associated with the use of an indigenous fibre (to include its ability to retain moisture) should be assessed by the supplier and disclosed to The Body Shop Technical Department at the time of the quote
  2. The material should be sufficiently dried to ensure no potential for mould and/or mildew growth. Sun or heat drying is preferred to air-drying
  3. A sealant, which meets with The Body Shop’s criteria for prohibited and restricted materials should be applied to ensure no opportunity for future mould growth
  4. The use of absormatic poles and desiccant packs are suggested during shipment