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Purchasing & Shipping

Shipping Documentation                     

All required shipping documents must be accurate, complete, and in compliance with all applicable regulations. For each delivery into The Body Shop there must be:

  • A transportation document 
  • A commercial invoice
  • A packing list

In addition, further “Special Documents” may be required for specific types of merchandise, based on the Country of Origin and merchandise category.  The following section discusses required documentation in more detail.

Bill of Lading or International Transportation Document

The Bill of Lading or International Transportation document (airway-bill, express-bill, ocean-bill, etc.) is a legal contract between shipper, consignee and carrier. This document specifies the “when, what, where and who” regarding the shipment. It is vital that this document be completed correctly and accurately to avoid errors and delays in shipment.

In addition to the standard information found on the document, The Body Shop  also requires the following;

  • Valid Purchase Order number(s)
  • Number of pallets
  • Delivery address if different from The Body Shop  RDC address
  • USA Only: Instructions to the carrier to make a delivery appointment, 24 hours prior to arrival, with The Body Shop’s Inbound Dept (1) 919 554 8287

Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice should contain all relevant information for the shipment. To be considered complete and accurate, this document must include;

  • The 10-digit Inbound Delivery Number (See the section: Advance Shipping Notice for more details)
  • The complete name and address of the exporter/seller in the country of export. It is not acceptable to show the name and address of a foreign buying agent as the exporter/seller
  • The name of the purchaser. The buyer identified on all commercial invoices should be the same as the purchaser shown on the purchase order. It is not acceptable to indicate the name and address of a foreign buying agent as the purchaser
  • The purchase order number should be clearly identifiable
  • The delivery address as shown on The Body Shop purchase order
  • A detailed description of each item, including what it is, what it is made of, and measurements, if applicable, as shown on the purchase order. This will include the Article Number. 
  • The invoice must be in English. 
  • Quantities in weights and measures of the country of export, by Article Number, must be shown on the invoice
  • The Country of Origin of the goods
  • Terms of payment and purchase price of each item in US Dollars (US shipments) or UK Pounds Sterling (UK Shipments).  In the case of no charge invoices (i.e., samples or demos) the value of the goods for customs purposes must be shown.  The method and date of shipment, and delivery terms must be stated (for example: Incoterms - FCA or Ex-works)
  • Article number, quantity and unit prices must be shown

The invoice must be dated and include the name of a responsible employee of the exporter/seller, who has knowledge of, or can readily obtain information on the transaction.

There must be a separate invoice for each Inbound Delivery Number.

Packing List (Palletised Shipments)

All deliveries must be accompanied by a Packing List, placed into a removable pouch secured to the outside of the first pallet to be unloaded at the The Body Shop facility. The Packing List must provide the following information 

  • Supplier name and address
  • Pallet identification (1, 2, 3, etc.) 
  • Article number
  • Article description
  • Date codes for each article number
  • Purchase order number 
  • Quantity of each article on each pallet

A Packing List should be provided for each IDN (Inbound Delivery Number).

An example Packing List that meets with The Body Shop requirements is shown below:

packing list.jpg 

Packing List (Loose Loaded/Non-palletised Shipments)

All deliveries must be accompanied by a Packing List, placed into a removable pouch secured to the outside of the lead carton. “Lead Carton” should be written on all sides of the carton so it may be easily identified. The "Lead Carton"should be clearly visible when unloading the container, ideally placed near the doors. The Packing List must provide the following information:

  • Supplier name and address
  • Article number
  • Article description
  • Number of cartons by article number
  • Date codes for each article number
  • Purchase order number by article number
  • Quantity of each article on each pallet

An example Packing List that meets with The Body Shop requirements is shown below:

packing list loose.jpg 

Hazardous Goods

All hazardous goods must be packed and labelled in accordance with international regulations and the mode of transport to be used.

All airfreight shipments must to adhere to the latest IATA regulations.

Prior to delivery all suppliers must declare any hazardous goods in accordance with current legislation both in the UK and the USA. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) if applicable must be supplied for each delivery.

An example MSDS of perfume oil can be seen by clicking here.

The ASN must be completed with the correct hazardous details and passed to the freight agent with details of the shipment and a copy of the MSDS sheet.

Our inbound overseas freight agent operates under BIFA Standard Trading Conditions 2005 ( copies of which are available on request from the local Eagle Freight office. Attention is drawn to specific clauses relating to the responsibility of the Customer.

If there is any doubt concerning the packing/marking or documentation of your goods then please contact the local 'The Body Shop' freight agent, or e-mail with details.

Special Documentation Requirements

Based on the type of merchandise and the country of origin, additional documents may be necessary. These could include:

  • Visa: Required for textiles subject to visa/quota requirements. It is the responsibility of the buying agent and/or the supplier to be aware of the quota requirements and to ensure that quota is obtained prior to the shipment.  The buying agent and/or supplier are also responsible for ensuring that quota merchandise is shipped in a timely manner to arrive in the US/UK before the applicable quota category closes. The Body Shop  reserves the right to refuse payment for the merchandise and agent’s commission for goods that cannot be entered into the US/UK because a supplier has not obtained a quota, has not obtained a quota for the proper category, or has not shipped timely so that goods arrive at the US/UK port of entry before the quota category closes. We encourage all agents and suppliers to confirm quota categories and utilisation in advance with the relevant Transportation Group.
  • Declaration of Country of Origin: Required for all textiles. Must be completed by the manufacturer, either single or multiple country declaration, whichever is applicable.
  • Quota Charge Statement: Required for all merchandise subject to visa requirements, even if non-quota.
  • Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Form “A”: This is required for all merchandise subject to duty-free treatment under GSP.

European Union (UK RDC only)

Suppliers within Europe including EFTA countries, and all countries where the European Union have agreed documented Trade Agreements will be asked to complete a Customs Long Term Declaration.

Suppliers must only complete this form if their goods qualify for preferential origin status. Please contact the Transportation Dept in the UK for further clarification.

In addition to the above requirements, we rely on our buying agents and suppliers to be aware of special regulatory and documentation requirements and to stay informed of any new developments or changes. For any questions on documentation or regulatory requirements please contact the relevant department;

  • US Transportation Group (1) 919 554 8287
  • UK Transportation Group on (44) 1903 731500

IMPORTANT: It is the supplier’s (or agent’s) responsibility to be aware of quota requirements and to ensure that all necessary documentation is secured prior to export. The Body Shop  reserves the right to refuse payment for any shipment that is prohibited entry into the US/UK for improper, incomplete or incorrect documentation.