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Resolving Problems

Quantity Discrepancies

The Body Shop Inbound operative will count all unit pack/master carton quantities prior to booking the product onto our systems. If there is a discrepancy between the ASN, the delivery paperwork, and the actual quantity received, the department supervisor will then conduct a second check to confirm the first check count. Department Supervisor will create an Inbound Error Sheet (see below) and submit it to Goods In Administration at The Body Shop. Goods In Administration will verify the Error with Goods in & forward to SCP.

Please see the Purchasing & Shipping and Advance Shipping Notice pages for further detail on the process for updating the ASN). 

 Inbound Shipping Sheet.PNG

The 'Global Supply Chain Planner' will advise the vendor of the discrepancy within 1 business day. 

The vendor will then have 1 business day from the time they were informed of the discrepancy to appeal.  All vendor challenges should be directed to the 'RDC AUDIT' team INBOX. If there is no appeal or the appeal is turned down, The Body Shop Global Finance team will be instructed to raise a debit note against the vendor with a charge of £160 per article. The following exceptions apply:

  • New vendors: Debit notes will not be raised for quantity discrepancies for the first five shipments

  • Community Fair Trade vendors: Debit notes will not be raised.

In addition to the above discrepancy reporting process, The Body Shop 'Global Supply Chain team' will determine how to resolve the over/under delivery:

  • Over-Delivery: Global Supply Chain team raise another PO, or raise a Return-to-Vendor (RTV) order

  • Under-Delivery: Global Supply Chain team agree the resolution with the vendor

All discrepancies between the ASN and the actual quantity received are recorded and used to monitor vendor performance.