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Resolving Problems

Policy on Product & Packaging Quality

The Body Shop expects suppliers to consistently meet prescribed standards and specifications for merchandise. Suppliers should institute process controls and inspection procedures that are necessary to assure each and every unit shipped meet those standards. The Body Shop does a cursory incoming inspection to ensure merchandise received is in general conformance with the PO verifying the quantity, packaging, and labelling. It is not the purpose of this inspection to verify consistency within the entire shipment, including short-term pocket defects that may exist within a shipment on rare occasions. Such defects are clearly a supplier's responsibility, even though the merchandise was approved under the cursory inspection when received.

The product, unit pack, and master carton weights and dimensions information that suppliers provide to The Body Shop is critical for the management of our 'inbound and outbound goods' processes. When items are delivered into The Body Shop's warehouse, the weights and dimensions will be checked against the information provided. Where items are found to have incorrect information against the information provided, the processing charges as detailed in the Rework section will be invoked.

Short-term defects are generally uncovered only during our internal assembly or order picking process. Under this policy, if the defect has clearly been caused by a supplier error, then the supplier is responsible for charges associated with any subsequent 100% inspection of warehoused merchandise.

Disposal of rejected merchandise found during inspection or rework will be handled either by returning it to the supplier on a freight collect basis, or disposed of by The Body Shop at the discretion of the supplier. Disposal charges to be borne by the supplier will be as follows;

Product TypeUK DeliveryUSA Delivery
Regular Merchandise£65 per pallet$100 per pallet
Hazardous Merchandise£750 per pallet$1200 per pallet


Note: Partial pallets will be charged at full pallet rates.