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Resolving Problems

Return of Merchandise to Supplier

If The Body Shop determines that a rejected product (found either in the incoming inspection or subsequent operations) as stated in the Product & Packaging Quality section cannot be reworked at the distribution facility, (e.g. defective, incorrect labelling, colour not matching standard, failed micro etc.), then The Body Shop will return the merchandise at the following cost to the supplier:

DescriptionUK DeliveryUSA Delivery
Excess Processing Charge per Article per Receipt£160 per Article$250 per Article
Warehouse Reloading Charge per Employee Hour£125 per hour$200 per hour


Important:  The minimum cost will be £285/$450 per rejected Article requiring return to supplier in each shipment.  Also, a “shipment” refers to the delivery of a single Article. If a delivery contains multiple Articles each will be treated as a single shipment for measurement purposes.